The outside of your home is more important than the inside. Yes, it’s true. Or at least it is when selling your home! Buyers working with a good REALTOR are encouraged to drive by the home first. I’ve experienced buyers not wanting to view the interior of a home based on their sole impression of the exterior. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and your home is no exception! If you’ve never thought about your home’s curb appeal, now is a great time to start! How do you get started? First, see your home as a house., not your home. Once you make the decision to sell, it becomes inventory. Park where a buyer would park and approach your home through a buyer’s eyes. Make notes of what you see: good and bad. Take photos of your home and look for flaws then change the filter to Black & White. What do you see? This brings out flaws that color hides. Make a list of everything you’ve discovered. Start with the repair projects then put some time into the grounds.

1) Power wash siding or paint wood/aluminum siding.

2) If your roof is at the end of its useful life, replace it. Not only does cupping shingles effect curb appeal, you’ll have trouble with financing a home in need of a new roof.

3) Wash windows and replace any windows with cracks or broken seals.

4) Power wash or paint decks.

5) Paint the front door, replace hardware with modern fixtures, and even when appropriate, replace the front door.

6) Weed lawn and beds. Mow grass regularly in the summer. Edge sidewalks and clear sidewalk cracks of growth. Rake leaves even if the lot is wooded. Install mulch in beds.

7) Make sure all tree limbs are trimmed to where the tallest buyer has clearance and they are not touching the roof or house.

8) Store distracting garden décor.

9) Sweep porches and remove cobwebs from corners.

10)Update your mailbox and replace if necessary.

When it’s dusk, repeat the exercise. Buyers will drive by at all times of day. You’ll want to know your house is visible in the evening. Are all porch light bulbs working and of ample wattage? Install lighting along the walkways such as low cost lights powered by sunlight. How do interior lights look through windows and doors?

Most buyers cannot visualize changes, and will not take a second look. Homebuyers who can visualize changes, and are prepared to make them, expect you to reduce the price of the house to compensate for the work they plan to do.

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