First Time Home Buyer

I had been away from Ann Arbor, and out of the state of Michigan, for almost five years when I decided to move back to Ann Arbor and buy a condominium. Having been a student during my prior occupancy, I was entirely unfamiliar with the larger part of Ann Arbor that surrounds the downtown area. Furthermore, traveling by air and arriving alone and directionless, I didn’t even have a vehicle with which to get around. From start to finish, Jessica Carter was a lifeline. Having corresponded beforehand, she had already assembled an array of available properties for us to visit based upon my stated preferences. She was kind enough to drive with me to each of them, over two afternoons. During my stay she provided further information for each of the properties, including bylaws and condo master deeds. Once my visit ended and I returned home, she guided me via phone and e-mail through every step along the way, from home inspections and the closing process, to property contingencies and financing options. She diligently provided and explained every piece of paperwork, over e-mail, and she even put in the work on the ground at the property where I could not, by virtue of my being absent. I had never purchased real estate before, but I can truly say that Jess made it simple. I would say that my experience was fortuitous, but that would overlook the fact that Jess put in the effort, thorough and intentional, to ensure a smooth outcome.

— Jeff